Hey you.

Welcome to my site. This is where I post about my experiences in the food industry, my recipes including vegan and vegetarian dishes, book reviews and recommendations and my honest opinion on food related topics.

I’m a professional chef and pastissiere; graduate from Le Cordon Bleu London, where I live and a bit of a nutrition nerd. Soon to be studying nutritional science, I’m slightly obsessed with gastronomy, fitness and the workings of the body. (Science is cool!).

I started cooking at a young age and have since cooked professionally in ski chalets, private yachts, stately homes and graduated from culinary school. It astounds me how much I learn everyday from the people I work along side and I wish to share that knowledge with you, my reader friend, I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

The food industry has so much to sing and shout about, from the incredible tastings of classic French cooking, to the fight on sugar and diabetes and even to the devastating reality that is global warming.

Hopefully this site can be just the start of your journey. And hopefully it’s just the start of mine.




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